Board Of Directors

Board of Directors
Special thanks to the Board of Directors who are supporting First Night Harrisonburg by giving of their time and talents to make this year’s event an exciting New Year’s celebration for everyone.

Executive Director: Terry Burkhalter
President: Troy Suter
Vice President/Entertainer/Performer Coordinator: Ashley Gordon-Becker
Treasurer: D.D. Dawson
Secretary: Caroline Shull
Button/Poster Coordinator: Pam Simmons
Sponsorship Coordinator: Troy Suter
Venue/Volunteer Coordinator: Lori Schoch
Downtown Renaissance Rep: Andrea Dono
Rockingham County Office Rep: Michele Bridges
Explore More Museum Rep: Caroline Shull
Chick-fil-A Rep: Alana Dean
Local Church Liaison Members: Rick Claybrook, Dana Cornett, & Gig Foster